Ubisoft's Grow Home developer just surprise-launched a new game called Ode


The Sound of Music

Fewer than three months from its last release, Ubisoft Reflections has already put out another game. Arena shooter Atomegalaunched in September, and now, without any sort of prior warning,Odeis out.

Ode is some sort of a music-based adventure game. You control Joy, a little something-or-other who’s rolling around in a hamster ball, as it explores four fantasy environments and tries to collect stars. It seems as if nearly everything you interact with has some sort of melodic component to it. Odelooks andsounds neat.

Ubisoft Reflections has made a reputation for itself as the publisher’s studio that tackles smaller experimental projects. It made a name for itself withGrow Homeand Grow Up. Atomegawas the third game that Reflections headed. Odeappears to be more in the vein of the Grows than Atomega.

Odeis available now for $5 on PC through Ubisoft’s Uplay service.

Ode [Ubisoft Store]