Ubisoft's long-rumored Mario x Rabbids RPG is reportedly still happening


Oh right, THAT thing…

One of the more out-there rumors leading up to the Nintendo Switch reveal event was a supposed Ubisoft-developed Mario and Rabbids crossover game. It was such an odd pairing, conceptually — the sort of thing that probably could happen, but maybe shouldn’t. I was willing to believe.

We’ve heard so little noise about the rumored project lately that I had forgotten it was ever brought up, but it’s reportedly still coming. A source has provided Kotaku with art assets and details about the role-playing game, which is said to be targeting an August or September release for the Switch.

“Ubisoft is developing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the publisher’s proprietary Snowdrop engine, according to the assets we’ve seen,” the outlet wrote earlier today. “The game’s selling points appear to be a) turn-based combat, b) two-player local co-op, and c) a goofy sense of humor. (The art we’ve seen features Mario and crew wielding guns that shoot laser beams.)”

Are you willing to put up with the Rabbids to play a new Mario RPG? That’s what I’m asking myself.

Source: The Rumored Mario x Rabbids RPG Is Real, Coming To Switch [Kotaku]