Ubisoft's Skull & Bones has been pushed out again to 2022 to 2023


A distant horizon

The eternal production of Skull & Bones, Ubisoft’s multiplayer pirate game, shall continue on. The publisher confirmed that Skull & Bones won’t be launching until at least 2022.

In an earnings report, Ubisoft laid out the road ahead for its various titles over the next fiscal year, which runs through March 31, 2022. Far Cry 6, Riders Republic, The Division Heartland, Roller Champions, and the game somehow still under this titleRainbow Six Quarantine. Ubisoft made special note of Skull & Bones as well, saying it will now be released in “2022-2023″—which means sometime between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

Ubisoft also noted that its portfolio is set to expand in the future as well with Avatar, Beyond Good & Evil 2, and Star Wars. And while thePrince of Persia remake has recentlyindefinitely delayed, Ubisoft confirmed in its call that it will arrive sometime before March 31, 2022.

The delay of Skull & Bones has become a pretty frequent event since its reveal in 2017, with the most recent statement being a letter from last year saying that we’d see more of Skull & Bones in 2021. Hopefully that can stay true, even if the release date is still a ways out. The ship combat of games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flagstill holds a special place in my heart.