Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC hitting Tekken 7 next week


Included in DLC #1 along with new costumes

I love it when games are willing to go to goofy or otherwise strange places with their extra modes, and Ultimate Tekken Bowl is a good example. Like, I don’t own Tekken 7. Not yet. But I’ll be tempted to pick it up sooner than latter for the chance to go bowling in a non-bowling video game similar to how instead of ever clearing Super Monkey Ball 2‘s story mode, I just endlessly play Monkey Baseball.

The paid add-on mode (sign of the times!) is due out on August 31 with Tekken 7‘s DLC #1.

This DLC is part of the $25 season pass, but it’ll also be up for purchase on its own. Bowling is the main draw and none of you can convince me otherwise, but DLC #1 also comes with new costumes:

  • Blood Vengeance School Uniforms (for Xiaoyu & Alisa)

  • Swimwear

    • Swimsuits (All female fighters)

    • Vintage 1920s bathing suits

  • Idol Master themed outfits (All female fighters)

  • Traditional Japanese Fundoshi (All male fighters)