'Ultimate' version of La-Mulana hits PS Vita next week


Please don’t break me, La-Mulana EX

The PlayStation Vita and La-Mulana have long seemed like a good match, but it’s taken some time for the two to hook up. Just kiss already! Rising Star Games and Pygmy Studio will have the “ultimate version” of this punishing platforming adventure out for Vita on Tuesday, March 3.

Pygmy worked with Nigoro, the creator of La-Mulana, to “tighten up the game’s puzzle logic [and] enhance the overall experience,” according to producer and art director Hisashi Koshimizu.

Specifically, there’s now a Monster Bestiary, improved translations and signposting, and “some of the puzzles and obstacles have been altered slightly.” The team had planned to create two separate difficulty modes for La-Mulana EX — one for original players / purists, one for newbies — but decided to consolidate the versions “in a way that improves the experience for everyone.”

And how about that new logo? Slick.

La-Mulana EX Out Next Week, The “EX” stands for “Extra” [PlayStation Blog]