Ultra Street Fighter II on Switch will have an arcade standby feature, online ranked play


I’m listening

When an online-enabled game hits a Nintendo console it has the potential to feel like a barebones effort, but Capcom seems to be pulling out the stops forUltra Street Fighter II on the Switch based on some new information.

First off, it’ll have an “arcade standby” mode, which replicates the concept of playing against the CPU and randomly getting challenged by strangers online. It’s an optional setting that’s been done before, but it’s appreciated regardless.

In terms of online play, Ultrawill also have multiple opportunities for competitive players. You have PP and BP (Player Points and Battle Points respectively) to govern, as well as wireless local play, and casual/ranked matches. The latter will be broken down further into quick, custom, friend, and lobby matches.

It seems pretty robust! I just hope it sells and those of you who aren’t able to buy a Switch can try it out. If it’s any good, of course. Rumors point to a near-retail price of around $40, and Capcom is entirely capable of phoning it in.