Umbrella Corps is coming in May, looks more mod than Resident Evil game


I hear it’s alright

Capcom has revealed the release date for Umbrella Corps— May 2016. It’ll be released digitally on the PC and PS4. Can I just pause for a second to say how odd that is, despite the fact that we knew the platform and digital-only info already? No Xbox One release? No physical edition?

There’s support for up to six players and it mostly focuses on online play, but there will be a solo mode with 20 missions that are described as horde-like. It’s weird, as the trailer basically just shows off the village from Resident Evil 4, then flashes to teases of the village from Resident Evil 5. Another confirmed location includes the Tricell building. So far it’s looking more like a mod than anything else.

Multiple people who have played it say it’s good as a spinoff — or at least better than the awful OperationRaccoonCity— but I’m still not holding my breath.