Unboxed: What you get in the Xbox One X box


Nailed it

So Destructoid just got its Xbox One X hardware for review (which is coming later), and yep, it’s a box.

Inside this unassuming 1TB model is the actual unit (which is roughly the same size as the Xbox One S, just a smidgen smaller), the power cable, HDMI cable, standard controller (with AA batteries), an insert for a nominal amount of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass time, and an instruction manual. Setup was extremely painless — I just unhooked the cables on my Xbox One S and re-inserted them, including the external HDD which I had transferred all of my games to. And that’s basically all I can talk about for now!

Enjoy a few shots of the Xbox One X compared to the original model (on the left) and the S (on the right), as well as the back of the X.Labyrinthis not included! It just rules, and I recently picked up the UHD disc on top of the new coloring book.