Uncharted 4 moved 2.7 million units in its first week


Drake’s Fortune, indeed

PlayStation doesn’t have to go play an Unchartedgame if it wants to find untold riches; it just has to turn to the revenue from the most recent title in the series. After just one week, Nathan Drake’s newest adventure is off to a great start.

Sony revealed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End‘s first week sales statistics on the PlayStation Blog. According to sell-through data for both physical and digital versions, 2.7 million copies of Uncharted 4were moved in the game’s first seven days on shelves. That makes it the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 first-party game ever in North America — a statistic that makes sense when you consider that Uncharted 4is likely the most prolific exclusive release on PS4 to date.

However, that figure probably isn’t enough to make Uncharted 4the most immediately-successful of theUncharted installments. In 2011, Sony shipped 3.8 million copies for Uncharted 3‘s release date. It’s unknown how many of those sold-through in the first week, but Sony would’ve had to wildly miss its prediction to not clear 2.7 million sales. Drake’s just a man who’s accustomed to treasures turning up everywhere he goes.

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