Sully's mustache is a legit reveal in new Uncharted movie trailer


Still a severe lack of neck-snapping

Columbia Pictures, in association with PlayStation Productions (PLAYSTATION PRODUCTIONS.), has released the second trailer for the cinematic adaptation of Naughty Dog’s legendary adventure series, Uncharted. After spending years mired in production hell, the live-action adaptation will premiere in theatres in February 2022.

The second preview focuses solely on the blossoming relationship between young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and his mentor-in-adventuring, Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). Among a slew of unfunny wisecracks and bass-dropping, slo-motion action moments, we also get our first look at Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle, who are expected to play the villains of the piece. We also see more of Sophia Ali, who dons the mantle of Drake’s friendly rival Chloe Frazer.

I’m never one to shit on trailers — I’ve been around films way too long to prejudge based on a marketing team’s perspective on “selling” a movie — but I can’t deny I’ve not seen anything in either of these two previews that sets my pulse racing, tickles my funny bone, or even just renders me excited for the movie. I dig Uncharted as a franchise, and I’m a big fan of everybody on board here, but while this project looks perfectly “fine”, I just don’t watch this preview and feel any electric anticipation. Of course, I’ll check it out, and I hope to be proven wrong. I always want everything to be great.

Uncharted premieres in theatres in the UK February 11, with a U.S. release scheduled for February 18.