Undertale arrives on PlayStation 4 and Vita August 15


Time to charge up that Vita

Undertale was announced for both the PlayStation 4 and Vita (seriously) back at E3 and fans have been patiently awaiting more news.

Well, now we know you’ll be playing Undertale on Sony’s consoles pretty soon. August 15, to be exact. You can pre-order on PSN now and receivea free dynamic PlayStation 4 theme, featuring a new song from creator Toby Fox.

Toby took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce the date and give a few details on Fangamer’s physical edition, which he was kind enough to break down into bullet points, found below.

  • Availablein PS4 or Vita versions
  • Undertale Soundtrack with cover art by fan artist Cocoa Ando. Also, a couple tracks added, like the PS4 theme background music
  • 24-page booklet featuring a re-illustration of the opening sequence by TemmieChang! (She made those originally, you know..)
  • Reversible cover you’ll immediately regret realizing is reversible
  • Music Box Locket that was a pain to make because the previous factory kept making it off tempo
  • Undertale sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by me that reveal their blatantly obvious inspirations

First look at Undertale PS4 theme, closer look at physical editions [PlayStation Blog]