Undertale artist releases free game Escaped Chasm


Temmie’s goin to college!

Toby Fox and Undertale are so synonymous with each other that many forget there were other people involved with the game. The lead artist for Undertale, Temmie Chang, was instrumental in bringing Toby’s vision to life, adding a dash of character and charm to the proceedings. Now, she’s branched off on her own to give us Escaped Chasm. A short story about a young girl alone in her home, the adventure is an incredibly short journey that will take players roughly half an hour to finish.

In a cool twist, it features music from Toby Fox. It also covers some of the same themes as Undertale, though with a story that comes off as more personal for Temmie. This game was a learning opportunity for Temmie and reaching the best ending (of which there are four) even hints at a possible sequel. This could become another indie hit in the vein of Undertale.

You can try out the game on Itch.io for free by clicking here. There is a “name your own price” option should you feel like throwing some money to Temmie. The trailer below may contain some spoilers, but it gives you a decent look at what Escaped Chasm is all about.

Escaped Chasm is a short, sad, free story by Undertale’sartist [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]