Unsettling thriller Transference now has a prequel demo


Out now on PS4 with PlayStation VR support

I didn’t know what to make of Transference, an upcoming psychological thriller from Ubisoft, until I played it. The game is a mystery about a troubled family set within a corrupted digital simulation. Put another way, you’re going to see some weird stuff and will be slightly on edge while solving puzzles.

It’s better played than spoken about, especially when it comes to the optional VR mode, and you can now do exactly that. Ubisoft has released Transference: The Walter Test Case Demo on PlayStation 4.

This demo occurs “several years” before Transference, but it has the same elements I saw. The big one: you can swap perspectives to explore different world states and transport key items as needed. If an apartment door won’t open, for instance, you might need to find and attach a door knocker.

The full game will also hit PC and Xbox One on September 18, but this demo is exclusive to PS4.