Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Sword is selling better than Shield


Everyone wants the Great Wolf Sif edition

Anecdotally, there was an overwhelming amount of support for Pokemon Sword over Shieldduring the new generational reveal, and it seems like the sales data supports that.

Breaking down the Japanese sales numbers even further, Dengeki Online notes that Swordmanaged to push 499,753 units, towering over Shield‘s 347,629 units. Not only did it have the most enticing legendary (basically Great Wolf Sif from Dark Soulsover Shield-Face), butSirfetch’d, which is exclusive to Sword, was one of the most celebrated new creatures.

Taking a gander at the all-time Switch best-seller list, all Swordand Shield need to do collectively to be the most successful Pokemongame on Switch is sell more than 11.28 million copies: enough to dethrone Let’s GoPikachuand Eevee. The pair should also be pushingLink’s Awakeningand Super Mario Maker 2out of the top 10 very soon, which sport 3.13 million and 3.93 million copies sold respectively.

Pokemon, like Call of Duty, continues to defy sales expectations while getting plenty of complacency complaints.

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Which version of Pokemon Sword and Shield did you get?