Untitled Goose modded into Resident Evil 2 and things are looking beak


They didn’t stop to think if they should…

The feathered star of HouseHouse’s Untitled Goose Game continues to spread their wings/dominance across the entire medium of video games, with fans having inserted the troublesome bird into many popular titles via creative and amusing fanart.

But Resident Evil 2 modder Alister/ZombiAli who you may remember from the notorious Thomas the Tank Engine mod may be taking things a little too far. ZombiAli’s latest project seeks to replace the terrifying Mr. X with the equally terrifying Goose. The gif below shows the mod in action as Goose, all wide-winged and dead-eyed, comes barrelling down the corridor towards poor Claire Redfield.

This mod is still in the works, but Alister promises that the final version will include “extra HONKS.” We’ve had quite a few creepy replacements for Mr. X since Resi 2‘s release, including Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Jason Voorhees and Resident Evil 3‘s Nemesis. But as scary as these characters are, I’m not sure if any match the unbridled relentlessness of Goose.

Something wicked this way honks…

Resident Evil 2 is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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