Upcoming battle royale game Egress is angling for the Souls crowd


It was only a matter of time

If we’re getting a vehicular take on the battle royale craze (and we most certainly are), then you better believe someone else is out there making a Dark Souls-inspired multiplayer survival game.

That’s pretty much what Egress, a “role-playing battle royale with an intense hardcore melee combat system,” is going for later this year. Whether it’ll deliver is another matter, but just as a general idea, I think there’s interest. We’ve seen plenty of shooters; I’m ready for more experimentation.

The game is set within a city environment spanning streets, houses, and sewer tunnels. Bigger picture, Egress takes place in a universe “combining the Victorian era, Lovecraft’s mythology, and Retrowave.”

It’s in production at Beastiarium developer Fazan for release later this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Something for me to keep an eye on, at least.