Upcoming Splatoon 2 splatfests ask: Who's your favourite Ninja Turtle?


Spoiler: Correct answer is Donatello

Nintendo have announced a partnership with Nickelodeon to bring one of life’s most important questions to arena-shooter Splatoon 2. Players in the U.S. and Europe will duke it out in a series of splatfests to decide who is the greatest Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle.

The first round takes place on the weekend of May 4 and will see cool-but-crude Raphael take on team leader Leonardo. One week later, party dude Michelangelo will battle it out with Donatello, who does machines. I’ll admit it hurts a little to see Pearl side with the wrong choice in that particular face-off.

The winning turtles in both rounds will then square off in the Grand Finals one week later. In the U.S, each splatfest will run from 21:00 PT on the Friday until the same time on Saturday. In Europe, the splatfests will take place from 15:00 CET on the Saturday until the same time on the Sunday.

Who have you got in this? Although Donatello is my favourite, I’m totally calling an overall victory for edgy badass Raph. In any case, I’m certainly not sure about those character redesigns…

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