(Update) Battlefield V's Grand Operations will miss launch day


Uh, come again?

[Update: In a strange turn of events, DICE is now saying Grand Operations will be in at launch.]

Conquest may be a mainstay in Battlefield, but I was really looking forward to Grand Operations, the new-for-Battlefield V mode that spans multiple objectives across multiple in-game days. It was the highlight of the closed alpha, and it’s disappointing to hear that it won’t make it in time for launch.

In a blog post, DICE confirmed that Grand Operations, Battlefield V‘s “ultimate multiplayer experience,” will be out “shortly after launch.” It’s odd that such a prominent part of the game’s promotion won’t be playable on day one, but if it makes for a smoother launch experience, I understand the reasoning.

At release, BFV will have Conquest, Breakthrough, Frontlines, Domination, and Team Deathmatch.

I’m more than likely going to be there at launch, but if it weren’t my job to cover video games, I’d definitely wait to see how Battlefield V holds up after a few weeks. With the way Star Wars Battlefront II went down, I don’t fault anyone who’s feeling cautious about EA-published multiplayer shooters.

Here’s hoping that Grand Operations does in fact arrive “shortly after launch.”