(Update) Fan remakes P.T. from scratch for PC


VR compatible, too

[Update: Get it while you can! RadiusGordello plans to take down their Unreal P.T. project next week as school starts back up and they shift their attention elsewhere. “This has blown up far more than I expected, but now that it’s finished, I would like to move on and start work on something original.”]

It is a real tragedy that P.T. can no longer be downloaded on PS4. The ultra promising Silent Hillsdemo directed by Hideo Kojima quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its intriguing premise and ARG style gameplay that had people sharing possible theories. I’m happy I still have the game installed on my console, but it would be nice for future generations to experience the game.

At least for the moment, there is an alternative. A Reddit user by the name of Buzzooo2 has posted a from scratch remake to Reddit that looks incredibly faithful to the original. In a nice move, it even has VR compatibility, though that isn’t 100% accurate. Still, having that extra layer of immersion will probably make P.T. stand out even more.

You can head over to this site to download the game for yourself. I would do so quickly before Konami issues a cease and desist order.

I’ve been working on remaking P.T. for the past 10 months, and today it’s finally done! [Reddit]