(Update) Grab Jotun for free on GOG to celebrate the launch of Sundered


Odin be praised

[Update: It appears that Jotun is also free on Steam, though there isn’t a duration for the promo. Either way, if you really just want it linked on Steam, then you absolutely can!]

To celebrate the launch of Sunderedin a few weeks, developer Thunder Lotus Games (bad ass name!) is giving away their first title, Jotun: Valhalla Edition, on GOG.com. The title will be up for grabs until Monday, July 17 at 12 PM EDT (4 PM UTC/9 AM PDT/6 PM CEST). The game was lauded in our review for combining beautiful animation with some exquisite action, so its definitely worth getting at the low price of free.

GOG also doesn’t demand you utilize an extra client, so you’ll be getting a DRM free copy on the house. That is super sweet, though I can’t say I have a big problem with running Steam. Either way, free is free and I’ll certainly be checking this out.