(Update) Here are a few places you can pre-order the SNES Classic


First round of pre-orders started today

[Update: Here are some direct links to places that have put up their first round of pre-orders on August 22. Several outlets have sold out of their initial allotment, classic Nintendo! You can save the bookmarks and try again as more stock comes in. Call your GameStop as well, as some are doing in-store pre-orders today and still have units left. Good luck!]

Nintendo has done it again. They announced a piece of hardware that broke the internet — a follow-up for the NES Minithe SNES Mini.

But this time a lot of prospective buyers are a little more fanatical about the whole affair thanks to the reveal that Star Fox 2, a game that’s never been released in an official capacity, will be loaded on it. That, and the lineup in general is far more fierce than its NES predecessor — we’re talking multiple “all time greats” here.

So where can you pre-order it? Nowhere at the moment, but a few placeholders are up and ready for your F5 key. Best Buy usually sells out of Nintendo hardware quickly, Amazon doesn’t typically list anything Nintendo until day zero, and Walmart is low key one of the easiest places to pre-order. We’ll add more as additional listings pop up, but you can also check NowInStock.