(Update) Here's how to get all of the free Ash's Pikachu caps in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Out today via the code ‘P1KACHUGET’

[Update: Codes for all eight caps are below!]

Today during this morning’s special Pokémonstream, The Pokémon Company unveiled a new promo for Swordand Shield. Naturally, it involves Pikachu.

From here on out, special Pikachu will be distributed for Sword and Shield, tailored around the idea of it being “Ash’s Pikachu” with eight different hats. The first one is available today, with more coming later “through various means.” If history is anything to go by, codes doled out during tournament streams and the like are a safe bet.

To get the first rat, enter “P1KACHUGET” into your copy of the game.

To unlock the second version, use: “1CH00SEY0U.”

A third version has been released: “P1KAADVANCE.”

As well as a fourth version: “V0LTTACKLEP1KA.”

And the fifth version: “P1KABESTW1SH.”

And the sixth: “KAL0SP1KA.”

Here’s the seventh: “ULTRAP1KA.”

And the eight: “K1NP1KA1855.”

There’s even going to be a full website for it! It’s not live at the time of publication, but The Pokémon Company says more info will be available here. You can also take a look at the array of hats below.