(Update) Holy Elder Scrolls bug: Cyberpunk 2077 saves over 8MB are getting corrupted


Consider not crafting

[Update: CD Projekt Red has “fixed” the save issue, but not really; because that’s just how this game rolls.

According to hotfix 1.06’s notes, they have “removed the 8MB save file size limit, but it will “not fix save files corrupted before the update. Welp, goodnight everybody! Good luck if you were impacted.]

In my review of Cyberpunk 2077, I was able to test the game on PC; which was devoid of many game-breaking bugs that are present on the console editions. But naturally, a few are popping up.

This one actually impacts all platforms (even Stadia!), but should be very familiarfor anyone who has playedElder Scrollstitles, from Morrowindto Skyrim. It’s none other than the bloated save file bug, which makes saved games unusable after certain parameters are met (it rises above 8MB). The actual in-game text is “saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded.”

This isn’t an isolated issue, as it seemingly was just a ticking time bomb. Doing things like crafting and acquiring more items/gear triggers the bug, which pushes save files over the 8MB edge: it was only a matter of time until it happened.

Mind, this bug was officially acknowledged over on the CDPR forums, where the current fix on PC is to back up all your saves, repair the game, then erase the corrupted saves and replace them. As a forum moderator recommends, “keep doing this” as you troubleshoot, as “it can often be the loading process, not the save process” that corrupts the save. “Keep doing it” eh?

Right now, the CDPR support center statement is that a future patch “might” increase the save file size limit. “Might” eh? There’s a lot of uncertainty in this for a studio who is knee deep in refunds right now. Maybe it’ll be in the “January” patch. Good luck playing it over Christmas break, I guess!

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