(Update) Monster Hunter Rise team teases demo, more news this month


Bring it on

[Update: Capcom has since confirmed that the event will be held on January 7 at 6AM PT. A Twitch stream link was provided.]

[Update 2: Capcom has revealed that the demo will be out on January 8, and will showcase “Wyvern Riding, more monsters, and a new area.” The full “video event” can be viewed here or below.]

As I mentioned recently,Monster Hunter Rise is quietly climbing to the top of a lot of people’s “most anticipated” lists.

The uniform platform (which will make it super easy to jump in knowing that everyone can play it on a highly proliferated system and be part of the same playerbase) is a big draw, as are the new innovations like enhanced traversal (one of the most rote aspects of the series, traditionally). While Riseis officially due to release in March, the game’s Twitter account gave us some new juicy info that’s applicable right now.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yasunori Ichinose provided a very quick presentation in video form, explaining that they plan on sharing “brand new information” this month and are still going “full speed” in terms of development.

As a reminder, Nintendo has already teased a demo for the game that will hit in January. It stands to reason that we could get another dual Monster Hunter Rise/Stories 2video (even a Direct, like before); which will announce the demo’s release date.

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