(Update) Mortal Kombat 11 lays out multiple patch plans for all platforms


Tweaks to currency, difficulty, technical issues and more

[Update: The patch is now live on PS4, other formats to follow soon. Full details of changes to A.I., rewards, bug fixes and other tweaks can be found right here. The free currency pack will follow in the immediate future. It’s too early to say what impact this will have on grind times, but we’ll find out as people explore the game post-patch.]

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have rolled out a plan for the near future, which will see a series of patches and hotfixes applied to Mortal Kombat 11, which launched last week to high praise for its gameplay and disdain for its structure. Going forward, multiple updates hope to get the game back in good graces with any disappointed fans.

As mentioned in the impromptu Kombat Kast last week, a patch is currently being worked on for PS4 and Xbox One which will decrease the difficulty in MK 11’s harshly unfair Towers of Time mode, reducing enemy A.I. and making unblockable hazards blockable. There will also be an increase in currency earned, though no specific amounts were mentioned. All players will be gifted 500,000 Koins, 500 Hearts, 1,000 Soul Fragments and 1,000 Time Crystals. This patch is expected to roll out at the beginning of this week.

The Nintendo Switch edition has two patches coming. The first patch – which appears to be live right now – slightly reduces A.I health and modifier frequency in Towers of Time as well as general stability fixes. The second patch will be the patch detailed above on PS4/Xbox One, although there is no release date for this as of yet.

The PC platform, similar to the Switch, also has two patches in the works. The first patch includes an initial reduction in Towers of Time difficulty, removes menu crash issues and fixes boot problems when using certain keyboard configurations. This patch also re-balances the characters in line with the Day One patch on console platforms. The second patch will be the one listed for PS4/Xbox One above and is expected to arrive early this week.

The fixes intend to make the Towers of Time and Krypt grind far less of a chore and more of a engaging loop. The negativity surrounding MK 11 because of its mobile-stylised currency systems and zero-fun ToT mode has severely distracted from what is otherwise an excellent fighting game. Hopefully, these patches succeed in allowing players – particularly those who bought in specifically for the single player experience – to get more enjoyment out of the release.