(Update) Neo Geo Mini pre-orders open at UK retailer tomorrow


Are you taking the trip back?

[Update: Various European retailers have gone live with Neo Geo Mini pre-orders today. The price is around £130 for the main unit, with searate controllers retailing for around £25. The stated release date is October 29. U.S. sites are expected to be open pre-orders on September 12.]

Online UK retailer Funstock Retro has announced that they will be opening pre-orders for the International Edition of the Neo Geo Mini retro console tomorrow, September 10.

Pre-orders are being taken on a “first come, first served” basis, although the retailer has not actually disclosed a price for the throwback device, which was first revealed in May of this year, before launching in Japan in July. It’s worth noting the Japanese edition retailed for around ¥11,500, or roughly $100 USD.

The Neo Geo Mini contains 40 classic Neo Geo games, which can be played on the built-in 3.5 inch screen, or hooked up to a TV set via HDMi. The International edition of the console features different artwork and games to its Japanese brethren, as well as delightfully ’90s box art. You can find the full list of titles for both editions right here.

Neo Geo Mini pre-orders opening Monday September 10 [FunstockRetro]