(Update) Nintendo low key lets it slip that the next Mario Maker 2 Ninji speedrun event is the last


It’s on April 14

[Update: Well the time has come for one major element ofMario Maker 2to die as well. After noting that the Ninji Speedrun event was coming to a close last month, that era is upon us. Nintendo confirms that the final Ninji Speedrun is Bowser’s Castle themed, and is “packed with tricky gimmicks” worthy of a last event.

It’ll run through April 27 at 7PM PT, at which point a major online component of Mario Maker 2will cease to exist. Like Mario Maker 1, you can expect Nintendo to shut off online support at some point too.]

Nintendo is killing Mario Maker 1online support at the end of the month (don’t forget!), but it seems like they’re going to be stopping support for Mario Maker 2 soon too, in some form or another.

In this innocuous tweet, Nintendo reminds us that the “Cap Mario Master” Ninji Speedrun Course is out now, which tasks players with collecting 100 coins amid the Super Mario Worldtheme. Fine, right?

Well, in the next tweet reply, which is a little more sly and sans a marquee accompanying image or hashtag, Nintendo also notes that another Ninji speedrun event is “planned to launch on April 14.” That’s fine too, right? Read the fine print: “The volume of this 20th and final Ninji Speedrun will be bigger than usual and last for 2 weeks. Please be sure to keep an eye out!”

Wait, what? Yep, if you’re still enjoying those Ninji speedruns, keep in mind that they seem to be ending in roughly a month. Also, note that Nintendo is willing to drop Mario Maker support like a sack of potatoes, so it stands to reason that in a few more years, Mario Maker 2could be shut down like its predecessor.

Especially if there’s a Mario Maker 3in the works, with 3D support. I kind of want it, but I also don’t want it to be inevitably shut down. Catch-22!

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