(Update) Nintendo says to check back in February for SNES Switch controllers


There’s gotta be a better way!

[Update: The SNES Switch controllers are back in stock in North America this morning. Good luck!]

In an ideal world, everyone who wanted a Super Nintendo controller for Switch would be able to buy one, and we’d have access to hundreds of SNES games with our Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions.

In reality, the SNES-style Switch gamepads have been hard to pin down even for tuned-in fans. If you missed the initial batch, it’s been a frustrating exercise full of speculation and false-starts. And as for the games, Nintendo continues to take its time adding more SNES titles to the Switch Online library.

Things aren’t going great, in other words, but there’s a bit of hope.

While the Super Nintendo controllers are still out of stock, here’s the latest update as of January 30, 2020: “This item is currently unavailable. Please check back for more news in February 2020.”

I think people would be a lot more patient if they knew they stood a real chance of getting their order placed next time around. For now, though, a vague “come back soon” window is all we can rely on.

If you’re open to other options, there’s always 8bitdo’s SN30 Pro and SN30 Pro+.