(Update) Platinum Games releases teaser trailer for Hideki Kamiya-directed Project G.G.


The final entry in Kamiya’s ‘Hero Trilogy’

[Update: Platinum Games has updated the Platinum4 website and released a teaser trailer for Project G.G., which you can check out at the foot of the article.]

Platinum Games has dropped new, mysterious information regarding the second title of the fabled “Platinum4.” As revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, “Project G.G.” will be a brand new video game directed by industry legend Hideki Kamiya.

The new endeavour is set to be the third and final entry in Kamiya’s “Hero Trilogy,” with the first two entries presumably being 2003’s Viewtiful Joe and 2013’s The Wonderful 101 (which Platinum is currently remastering as the first Platinum4 release).

Kamiya – along with Platinum Games Studio Head Atsushi Inaba – notes that Project G.G. is in its pre-development stage, and that it is expected to launch on “all existing platforms.” The duo also says that Project G.G. is a “giant hero-esque title” that will “go against user expectations in a good way.” Asked what genre the title would fall into, Kamiya says he’d put it in the “something-something action something-something” genre, as it is not a game solely focused on action.

Project G.G. is the second entry of the Platinum4, the third and fourth announcements will be revealed at some point in the future. Inaba notes that the final announcement, in particular, will be “very Platinum and interesting.”

Platinum Games announces Kamiya-directed Project G.G. [Gematsu / Ryokutya2089]