(Update) PSA: Get your last meals in with Mario games on Switch now, because he's set to be executed tomorrow


Good luck

[Update: They meant it! If you try and look for Mario 3D All-Starson the official site, it leads to a 404 when you attempt to buy it digitally. The Super Mario 35page redirects to the main site and does not exist anymore. Welp! Maybe it’ll come back on the next anniversary! Good night, sweet plumber prince!]

The time has come.

We’ve been talking about it for ages. We knew it was coming! Mario is dead tomorrow. At least, several newish games about him are.

As re-iterated multiple times, Nintendo is putting an end to several Mariotitles on March 31. That includes physical and digital sales for Mario 3D All-Starsand physical Game & Watch devices being pulled from sale. Yep, they’re even shutting down physicalsales and aren’t shipping more copies to stores. Savage.

You basically have today to make your peace with it. If you’ve been wanting to buy All-Starsvia the eShop, do it now. If you want to get some final (?) games in with Super Mario 35, do it today. If you’re on the fence for a new Game & Watch device, consider it before the eBay prices jump.

Or skip it all and don’t play into Nintendo’s hand. I can’t tell you what to do!

Here is the full list of stuff that’s going away on March 31, 2021:

Also, on a slightly smaller note,Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Lightis going away too tomorrow.