(Update) Rumour: Code site Keymailer lists Crash Bandicoot for Switch



[Update: Reddit member Turpster, a co-founder of Keymailer, has posted a message stating that the listing was, in fact, a mistake.]

It is being reported by users on Reddit that Keymailer, a go-between company that distributes game codes to reviewers and streamers, put up a listing for Crash Bandicoot: N.sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch.

The revamped version of the Playstation classics released earlier this year and went on to become a phenomenal success, still riding high in the U.K charts today. While currently a PS4 exclusive, this wouldn’t be the first time Crash has appeared on a Nintendo console, as some of you may recall his Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Gamecube titles.

Of course, this could simply be a website mistake, and may amount to absolutely nothing, but it makes absolute sense for Activision to dig for more dollarydoos from the clearly well-received title. We will, of course, update you if any further word is forthcoming.

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