(Update) Singapore PSN may have outed Mega Man 11's release date, teases 'Double Gear system'


October 3 to be revealed at E3?

[Update: Capcom has confirmed the date as well as a new amiibo and a trailer drop.]

Oh hey, it’s Mega Man 11 news!

Capcom has been rather quiet since its initial announcement, biding its time to give us more information and even a firm release date, but thanks to a leak from the Singapore PSN, we may have an inkling. According to a listing on the region’s storefront, Mega Man 11 will arrive on October 3. Now that could be erroneous or was put up in haste, but that seems far off and specific enough to not be a placeholder — we’ll likely know for sure during E3, when some publisher will claim it as part of their press conference.

Curiously the listing all denotes something called a “Double Gear” system, which “boosts Mega Man’s speed and power for a new twist on the satisfying gameplay the series is known for.” On paper it sounds a lot like the Mighty Gunvolt Burstmechanic from Inti Creates, which allows players to equip gear to the main character to create different builds. Again, we’ll probably know more in a few weeks!

Mega Man 11 [PSN via Gematsu]