(Update) Starbucks to get special Pokemon Go event with 'new Pokemon'


Branded events already happened in Japan

[Update: It’s real, but not nearly as cool as it sounded. The below beverage exists, but doesn’t grant anything in-game, it’s just branded. As of 11AM PT today, most if not all Starbucks locations will roll out nationwide in becoming a gym or Pokestop.]

In this day and age, all it takes is one savvy employee, at any given retail store, in any given country,to leak something onto reddit.

While this Starbucks and Pokemon Gopromotion might seem a little far fetched (ha), there’s already been Goevents held in Japan at McDonalds, so this leak could very well be legit. Now it doesn’t specifically mention what Pokemon are part of it (though the phrase “new” is used), but there seems to be something starting this Thursday at Starbucks locations in the US.

The gist? You buy a $5 drink and “unlock” something in-game. The “confidential” pamphlet provides some details, but for the most part, it’s still pretty mum outside of some brief training for employees. As lame and half-hearted (and late) as this sounds, at least it’s somethingto get people talking about the game again?

Rumors have been pointing towards Silverand Gold‘mons since the last patch was datamined, but it could also be legendary related.

Aparently theres another leak on the Starbucks-PokemonGo event. Not sure about it’s credibility currently [Reddit]