(Update) Street Fighter V and PUBG are huge gets for September's PlayStation Plus lineup


Live on September 1

[Update: These games are live later today! Make sure you grab Fall Guysand Modern Warfare 2if you haven’t already.]

PlayStation Plus! You’re back again!

Last month gave us the unlikely pairing of Fall Guysand Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, with the former scoring very big within the PlayStation community. This month we’re getting another shooter, as well as another fairly interesting pick.

Alongside of the ever-enduring battle royale PUBG, the always-polarizingStreet Fighter Vwill arrive on PlayStation Plus on September 1. We’ve reached out to Sony to clarify exactly what that release entails, but it seems like this is going to be the $19.99 “PlayStation Hits” version and not the “all-the-bells-and-whistles-edition.” Capcom’s got DLC and extra SKU add-ons to sell you! As a reminder, the Championship Edition Upgrade Kitis $24.99.

Sony also says that Street Fighter Vtournaments will start on September 4 in the US and Canada, with prizes that include a “unique PS4 theme” and a custom in-game title. Both games will be listed on the service until October 5, so make sure you redeem themstarting next Tuesday.

September’s free PS Plus games: PUBG, Street Fighter V [PlayStation Blog]