(Update) Super Bomberman R Xbox One listing backs up Korean PS4 rating


This is probably a thing

[Update: Konami has confirmed the news directly to Destructoid — Super Bomberman Rwill be making it to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in June. The latter two consoles will host a release on June 12, with the PC release to follow a day later. Platform exclusive characters are in, including Rachet, Master Chief, and P-body.]

I was just talking about how odd it would be to have a Bombermangame not hit a Microsoft platform after years upon years of success on the Xbox Live Arcade, and here we are less than a week later.

While Super Bomberman Rwas originally a Switch launch title it seems to have had a year and change of exclusivity, as Konami has all but confirmed its existence on other platforms. Just recently a Korean rating was spotted for a PS4 edition, and now there’s a very official looking listing for Ron Microsoft’s website, plain as day (and screencapped in case it went up early).

It seems like Microsoft has it slated for June 12 but no price is set yet (it originally went for $40).

Super Bomberman R [Microsoft] Thanks Jason!