(Update) The Caligula Effect delayed indefinitely in Europe


Better late than never?

[Update: Atlus just sent us an update with the following statement: “We sent out an announcement yesterday about The Caligula Effect being delayed in the EU, but this is no longer the case. The game is out now digitally in Europe.”

Originally slated for a May 2 release, The Caligula Effectwas recently pushed back to May 9, 2017 in Europe.Unfortunately, that extra week has been extended to an indefinite “later” per an Atlus press release. No specific reason nor updated release window was given.

From my experience, the European and American version of games tend to be fairly identical. I’m curious to know what could cause such a delay, assuming it has something to do with localization. It’s an RPG so I guess for that British English they have to make extra sure to put in that ugly ‘u’ after every ‘o’ in the text.