(Update) The free Marvel Avengers 'appreciation' rewards are now live


Please enjoy them

[Update: Make sure you log in by 10AM PT today (November 5) if you still want them!]

If you still play Marvel’s Avengers, you should probably log in between now and November 5 (10AM PT) so you can grab this “Player Appreciation Package,” that some might see as an apology package for delaying next-gen upgrades and new content.

In short, you’re getting: 1500 credits, 7000 units, 250 upgrade modules and 20 DNA keys. That amount of credits is just enough for a legendary skin for your favorite character. Currencies! Can’t live with them, live service games can’t live without them. As someone who still plays Avengersfrom time to time: I definitely could have lived with a few less currencies in this one, as Crystal Dynamics, like Bungie before it, still has a long ways to go until they nail down a fun live service game loop.

Hell, even if you don’tplay Marvel’s Avengers but own the game, you should probably log in just in case to claim those items anyway for future use. You never know, Crystal Dynamics could completely overhaul the game one day and you’ll be glad you had those extras. Or, they could combine multiple currencies and devalue this set of rewards.

Who knows! Live service games are wild in 2020 and beyond.

Avengers War Table [Square Enix] [Image fromVGphotomode on the Marvel blog]