(Update) Twitch Prime's December offerings include a free Magic: Arena deck


‘Liliana’s Legion’

[Update: The Twitch deck is now live, and you can acquire it by logging into your Twitch loot section and pasting the code into Arena‘s storefront. You can find the full list for Magic: Arena‘s Liliana’s Legion deck below. Notable cards include Enter the God-Eternals (1x), Lililana, Dreadhorde General (1x) and Sphinx of Foresight (1x). If you don’t need it consider giving it to a friend, but note that it does boost vault progress for owned cards.]

Twitch Prime has another month of freebies on the way, and they’ve detailed all of them: loot and actual games included.

As for loot, Sea of Thieves, PUBG Mobile, Magic: Arena, King of Fighters: All Star, Dauntless, League of Legends(plus Teamfight Tactics), Fortress M, RuneScape, Contraand Rocket League. The biggest piece of loot is arguably Magic: Arena, which is gifting users with a free “Twitch Prime exclusive Liliana’s Legion deck.” Although the contents are not public yet, expect at least one copy of the mythicLiliana, Dreadhorde General. As a reference, this is how the last Twitch Prime deck played out.

As for the free games, which is probably what you care about most, those are ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, Hover, When Ski Lifts Go Wrongand Hue. Don’t sleep on these despite the lack of sex appeal! ToeJam & Earl, despite its flaws, is a perfect “free game” that a lot of people will likely enjoy this holiday weekend with a co-op partner.

You can find the full list below, and note that while the loot has specific day redemption requirements, the free games can be acquired anytime from December 2 through 31.

Liliana’s Legion (Arena formatted):

Deck1 Liliana, Dreadhorde General (WAR) 971 Enter the God-Eternals (WAR) 1961 Dreadhorde Invasion (WAR) 862 Faerie Duelist (RNA) 391 Sphinx of Foresight (RNA) 551 Commence the Endgame (WAR) 453 Eternal Skylord (WAR) 493 Aven Eternal (WAR) 424 Lazotep Reaver (WAR) 962 Gleaming Overseer (WAR) 1982 Callous Dismissal (WAR) 442 Spectral Sailor (M20) 762 Winged Words (M20) 802 Unexplained Vision (ELD) 702 Foulmire Knight (ELD) 902 Nightveil Predator (GRN) 1913 Murder (M20) 1091 Gravewaker (M20) 3234 Dimir Guildgate (GRN) 24511 Swamp (WAR) 25710 Island (WAR) 255

In December, Twitch Prime members can claim in-game loot items for the following titles:

  • Now Available Sea of Thieves In-Game Loot

  • November 29PUBG Mobile In-Game Loot

  • December 3Magic: The Gathering In-Game Loot

  • December 3 King of Fighters: All Star In-Game Loot

  • December 5Dauntless In-Game Loot

  • December 5 League of Legends and LoL: Teamfight Tactics In-Game Loot

  • December 9Fortress M In-Game Loot

  • December 10RuneScape In-Game Loot

  • December 12Contra In-Game Loot

  • December 19Rocket League In-Game Loot

Additionally, five Free Games with Prime titles will be available from December 2-31:

  • ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

  • Hover

  • When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

  • Hue