(Update) Where is our Switch online info, given that it launches this month?


A Direct is rumored for this week

[Update: Nintendo has confirmed the Direct for September 6 at 3PM PT. It will be “roughly 35 minutes of information on upcoming 3DS and Switch titles.”]

So uh, the Switch is swapping to a paid online service later this month. But here’s the thing: we only actually know the very basics, and this is really the time to be dishing out details.

All I’m really on board with now is the price. $20 a year isn’t bad given that other console platform holders force people to pay roughly $60, but what does that get us? Similar dedicated servers? A reward service on par with Xbox Live Games for Gold or Sony’s PlayStation Plus? We don’t really know outside of the fact that Nintendo is touting 30 year old games as their equivalent.

In this haze of not knowing what’s going on, Nintendo Life is reporting that there is a surprise Switch online Direct set for tomorrow from the same source that accurately predicted a recent indie spotlight. Just giving us the info in an easy-to-read online landing page would be great, but I guess theatrics and an unannounced video works too, if this prediction comes to light.

Either way it’s getting down to the wire and folks are craving clarity.

Rumour: Yet Another Nintendo Direct To Air Tomorrow, Switch Online Details Incoming? [Nintendo Life]