(Update) World of Warcraft Classic name reservations are open today, here's a server list


The game launches on August 27

[Update: The process is now live! You can find full instructions here.]

Later this month on August 27, the floodgates will be opened and World of Warcraft Classicwill finally arrive. Given that folks are understandably invested in this massive time sink of a game, Blizzard is allowing for certain pre-launch concessions, most notably the ability to reserve your name ahead of time.

Starting today at 6PM ET, Blizzard will let folks pre-select realms (servers) and reserve your names so that you can coordinate with friends and play together. To do so you need to active subscription on your account (reminder: WoW Classicshares the same subscription fee as the base game), and you can reserve up to three characters today. Here is a list of servers to help plan your attack.

Blizzard also reminds us that you can only play with a single faction (Horde or Alliance) per PVP server as Classicis following the old realm rules, and there is a maximum of 10 characters per realm, with a max of 50 characters per region. Thankfully there’s no overlap with the main game, as the 50 character thing is a separate entity and only applies to Classic.

Provided that your name is something basic like “Greg,” be prepared to jump into the breach later today! As a reminder the classic character classes are: Warrior, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Shaman (Horde only), Paladin (Alliance only), Priest, Rogue, and Warlock.

Reserve your name [Battle.net]


NameTypeTime Zone
NameTypeTime Zone
NameTypeTime Zone
Bloodsail BuccaneersRPEastern


NameTypeTime Zone
ArugalPvPAustralian Eastern Time
RemulosNormalAustralian Eastern Time