(Update) World of Warcraft Classic name reservations are open today, here's a server list


The game launches on August 27

[Update: The process is now live! You can find full instructions here.]

Later this month on August 27, the floodgates will be opened and World of Warcraft Classicwill finally arrive. Given that folks are understandably invested in this massive time sink of a game, Blizzard is allowing for certain pre-launch concessions, most notably the ability to reserve your name ahead of time.

Starting today at 6PM ET, Blizzard will let folks pre-select realms (servers) and reserve your names so that you can coordinate with friends and play together. To do so you need to active subscription on your account (reminder: WoW Classicshares the same subscription fee as the base game), and you can reserve up to three characters today. Here is a list of servers to help plan your attack.

Blizzard also reminds us that you can only play with a single faction (Horde or Alliance) per PVP server as Classicis following the old realm rules, and there is a maximum of 10 characters per realm, with a max of 50 characters per region. Thankfully there’s no overlap with the main game, as the 50 character thing is a separate entity and only applies to Classic.

Provided that your name is something basic like “Greg,” be prepared to jump into the breach later today! As a reminder the classic character classes are: Warrior, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Shaman (Horde only), Paladin (Alliance only), Priest, Rogue, and Warlock.

Reserve your name [Battle.net]


Name Type Time Zone
Atiesh Normal Pacific
Mankrik Normal Eastern
Myzrael Normal Pacific
Pagle Normal Eastern
Name Type Time Zone
Faerlina PvP Eastern
Fairbanks PvP Pacific
Herod PvP Eastern
Thalnos PvP Eastern
Whitemane PvP Pacific
Name Type Time Zone
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Eastern
Grobbulus RP-PvP Pacific


Name Type Time Zone
Arugal PvP Australian Eastern Time
Remulos Normal Australian Eastern Time