(Update) Zoids just refuses to die: another Switch game is on the way



[Update: Tomy has confirmed to Destructoid that Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashedis coming to Switch this October. It’ll feature 3D 1v1 combat with story and versus mode support. You can catch the new trailer above.]

Zoids has survived for nearly four decades now. Can you believe it?

While so many other major toy-cross-media franchises have come and gone, or went on hiatuses then thrown as a bone to Michael Bay, Zoids has remained an enduring series in Japan and in many parts of the world. It still actively hosts video game adaptations too, including a newly announced Switch game.

Revealed in Japan’s Weekly Jump magazine, it will be part of the Zoids Wild universe, and will launch later this year in Japan. Apparently one huge aspect of the game is customization, including ways to alter Zoids (the titular robots that resemble animals) to the player’s liking.Like the most recent Switch iteration, Zoids Wild: King of Blast, you’ll probably have to import this one. Good thing Switch carts will work cross-region!

As a refresher, Zoids Wild is the newest anime series (the fifth incarnation total) and toy line. Here’s a bonus bit of nostalgia for you: a Zoids Chaotic Centurytrailer in 4K!

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