Use the mine and the coconut to achieve your grisly goals in Hitman 2


How do you do, fellow Hitmen?

Warner Bros. and IO Interactive have released another trailer to whet your stealth-slasher appetites for upcoming sequel Hitman 2. The new spot explores some of the wacky weaponry available to 47 in his next wave of contracts.

From prosthetic limbs to electronic explosives, as well as bizarre distractions such as wall-mounted beepers and bomb-laden rubber ducks, Hitman 2 hopes that would-be Agency assassins will use their ingenuity and imagination to put together the perfect hit, utilising all of 47’s deadly tech, and even the surrounding environment to, quite literally, make a killing.

Along with lock-crackers and concussion grenades, we also see how even the humble mirror can be used to peer round corners, tracking marks on the sly. Be wary though, as mirrors work two ways, and can be used to spot 47 just as easily.

Hitman 2 launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One on November 13.