Use this template from Nintendo to carve your own Luigi Jack-o'-Lantern


Ask an grown-up to help though

The art of the Jack-o’-Lantern has really come into its own in recent years. When I was a wee nipper you banged in some triangles and you were done, time to go and eat toffee. But now, the internet is full of excellent examples of clever carving, as people adorn their candle-lit pumpkins with the faces of all sorts of pop-culture characters.

Nintendo, in a convenient bit of cross-promotion for the 3DS release of Luigi’s Mansion, has released a template that you can print out, allowing you to carve the plumber-come-ghostbuster’s terrified face into your own pumpkin, scaring away ghouls and paying tribute to the fact that Nintendo practically killed him earlier this year.

I’m not allowed knives anymore, but you can have a go if you fancy it. And if you do, be sure to post a picture here so we can all see your handicraft skills in actionLuigi Jack-o’-Lantern template for pumpkin carving [Nintendo]