Utada Hikaru confirmed to be working on Kingdom Hearts III music


But does that mean I have to meet your father?

Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru wasn’t a hit from the start. Her first album was entirely in English and tanked, but her second album which was in Japanese took off. She speaks and can sing in English fluently, but the work she is best known for in the west are theme songs for a couple of role-playing games:“Simple and Clean” for Kingdom Heartsand “Sanctuary” for Kingdom Hearts II.

Those two songs have been remixed and reused time and time again for the multitude of spin-offs and HD collections, including the yet-to-be-released Kingdom Hearts 2.8. For the long-awaitedKingdom Hearts III, we all expected she would perform the title theme, but now it is confirmed.

Utada has begun working on music for Sora’s finale, per her dadwho also acts as her manager. Apparently he made a similar statement back in 2013 but then had to redact it for whatever reason.

Now let’s all enjoy my favorite video of Utada Hikaru while we wait for Kingdom Hearts III.

Utada Teruzane confirms Utada Hikaru’s involvement in KINGDOM HEARTS 3’s theme song[KH Insider]