Uzbekistan bans 34 games for 'distorting values,' 'threatening stability'


Including Naughty Bear, haha

Uzbekistan has banned these 34 games, meaning it’s, “illegal to import and distribute the games across the central Asian country,” according BBC.

The list is kind of haphazard, spanning over 20 years (1995’s Phantasmagoria and 1997’s Carmageddon make the list). Fallout: New Vegas is banned, but Fallout 3 and 4 are not. Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill make the cut, along with Until Down (sic) and Kane and Leanch 2:Dog days (sic). Call of Duty: Black Ops and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are the only two to make it from those popular series, while The Sims 3 and 4 might be the least violent on the list.

Also banned are Bone Town, Lula 3D, and 3D Sex Villa 2, all of which I now want to play.

Authorities say these games can be “used to propagate violence, pornography, threaten security and social and political stability” and can adversely affect “civil peace and inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony.” Also cited was the potential, “distribution of false information about Uzbekistan and the distortion of its historic, cultural and spiritual values.”

Of course, nothing tops Russia pegging Pokemon Go as a CIA psyop meant to destabilize the country.

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