Valkryia Revolution gets some free themes and DLC for launch


A DLC revolution!

To celebrate the release of Valkyria Revolution next week, Sega has released some free themes for PS4 and PS Vita users (I’m sorry Xbox One brethren). The two different styles are the same on each platform, just made to order for smaller/larger screens. Along with that little freebie comes the announcement of a bunch of free DLC for the game. These different packs will be releasing one a week for a month after launch.

As for what these packs will bring, lets break it down:

Scenario Pack: Vanargand (06/27/17)

  • A Day in the Life of the Wolves – New Scenario
  • Lamentations of Men – New Scenario
  • 30 Ragnite Shards – Material Used in-game
  • Jumping Wind+ – Special Ragnite

Scenario Pack: The Circle of Five (07/05/17)

  • Can’t Stop Falling in Love – New Scenario
  • The Traitors’ Daily Lives – New Scenario
  • As Luck Would Have It – New Scenario
  • The Orphans’ Dreams – New Scenario
  • 30 Ragnite Shards
  • Rush Bolt+ – Special Ragnite

Scenario Pack: The Princess and the Valkyria (07/11/17)

  • Hunger Pangs and Royal Pains – New Scenario
  • The Soloist of the Battlefield – New Scenario
  • Study of Flowers – New Scenario
  • 30 Ragnite Shards
  • Ring Squall+ – Special Ragnite

Scenario Pack: Maxim and Remembrance (07/18/17)

  • Name of the Augmented Warrior – New Scenario
  • Standing Before a Dying Wish – New Scenario
  • The Road to That House – New Scenario
  • 30 Ragnite Shards
  • Gravity 10+ – Special Ragnite

There is even a launch day bonus of items for DLC that includes a bunch of Ragnite shards and special Ragnite to use in battle. If you don’t know what Ragnite is before playing this game, you certainly will after nabbing all of this stuff.

Along with the news of free DLC, Sega released a behind-the-scenes look at one of the songs for the game. Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears) and featuring vocals by Sarah Àlainn (Xenoblade Chronicles), the tune is a haunting theme that should properly prepare you for the heartbreak that is sure to be in the story.

While I’m still not sure if I can get past the odd art direction, its nice that Sega is at least acknowledging the Valkyria series in the West. Maybe if this game does well enough, we can see proper ports for Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 on PC and PS4. That would certainly be great.