Valkyria Chronicles Remaster screens hot and fresh out the kitchen


Coming to PS4 next month in Japan

You know who didn’t shank a gimme field goal wide left? Sega, with new screenshots for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, the PS4 port for the beloved turn-based strategy game. Sega had an easy task, especially after the nice PC release that’s always on sale for like $5. Sega’s goal: don’t mess up. And it didn’t. That’s why Sega won’t be sitting on the couch next week next to the Minnesota Vikings.

The remaster is releasing February 10 in Japan and comes with a playable demo battle for the upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution spin off. Including the demo for the new game is a good safety net for the PS4 release (especially because I reckon Japan didn’t go hard into the PC release), kind of like the safety that put the reeling Packers down against the Washington football club that managed to make the playoffs without beating a winning team.

Yeah, I can’t help myself.