Valve introduces Dynamic Cloud Sync to make moving saves between devices easier


Valve is thinking ahead about how users will probably handle the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is expected to start rolling out in February, and Valve is thinking ahead. Given that players of current handheld systems have picked up some habits, Valve introduced Dynamic Cloud Sync today. Hopefully, it should make carrying save data across systems pretty seamless, if developers implement it.

Steam already supports cloud saves, but this update seems targeted at the way Steam Deck users will probably handle their new platform.

“We anticipate that users will frequently suspend their Steam Deck without exiting the game, as is common with other handheld gaming devices,” Valve says in a new blog post.

With Dynamic Cloud Sync, the progress should carry over when they move from one device to another. Suspend in one place, open in another. Dynamic Cloud Sync will automatically upload all modified save data to the cloud prior to entering sleep mode. Then, when opened on another platform, be it Steam Deck or other device, Steam will download the data and be ready to roll. It should also grab any cloud save data when the Steam Deck wakes up.

The feature is free for developers to use, but they must manually tick it on in Steamworks and use some new APIs. Valve details the steps needed to implement it on their site here.

For PC to PC use, I can see some possible ways this could help, though I rarely suspend programs on my PC. On the Steam Deck though? I’ve definitely got in a habit of putting my Switch to sleep and docking it with games still open.

Since I’m thinking about picking up a Steam Deck, it’s good to know I won’t lose any XCOM or Baldur’s Gate 3 saves when I hit suspend and drop it in the dock. Steam Decks should start rolling out in February.