Valve's 'official' Auto Chess game Dota Underlords will launch next month


February 25

Valve is making it official: Dota Underlords, their first-party Auto Chess game, is coming to Steam on February 25.

This announcement coincides with a major patch drop, introducing a new character into the mix named Enno, the Scavenger King. Unlike Artifact, Underlordshas been fairly well received by its community, and was actually supported for more than a few months.

Dota Underlords soft launched on Steam in June of last year as a result of a very confusing series of Auto Chess spinoffs that were born out of Dota 2‘s custom game editor. One of them left Valve’s platform and did their own thing, Riot followed suit with their own spin on the formula (Teamfight Tactics), and Valve decided to make an official version. So here we are, with so many Auto Chess games that we can’t even hold them all!

You can read all about the Auto Chess saga here.

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