Vampyr is getting 'optimization tweaks' and a story-focused mode


I hope they keep polishing it

Dontnod isn’t done with Vampyr yet. The flawed but interesting action-RPG title about a doctor who is also a vampire will be updated this summer with two modes and sorely-needed “optimization tweaks.” PC players have cited performance issues even with high-end hardware, so we’ll have to see.

As for the two new modes, one is focused on the narrative, while the other is all about combat. Story mode “de-emphasizes combat” while Hard mode “makes combat much more difficult” and doles out less experience from killing, meaning players will need to prioritize sucking blood from citizens.

Along with sharing this news, the studio also issued a 25 percent discount on Steam, a move that has helped push Vampyr up the top-sellers list. From now until July 30, you can get the game for $37.49.